Community Life

Community Life during Hae-Jae

Community life at Musangsa is divided into the Kyol Che retreats and Hae Jae non-retreat seasons, each lasting three months. Kyol Che is the intensive meditation retreat period. Hae Jae is the looser, less formally scheduled period in the spring and autumn.

The Hae Jae period provides more of an opportunity to practice in everyday life situations. During this time, monks and nuns traditionally travel from temple to temple to visit other great masters or meet with their dobans (Dharma friends).

Musangsa schedules weekend retreats and Templestay programs during these periods to provide for those who are new to Zen, opportunities to experience short retreats and temple life before committing to a longer one during Kyol Che. Short retreats are also useful for people with busy lives, who have difficulty taking time off for a longer retreat.

As a community of practicing international monks, nuns and laypeople, also a unique situation in Korea, residents are encouraged to stay in the temple during Hae Jae and make residential life here the focus of their practice. For lay practitioners, Musangsa provides residential or non-residential training. For residential training, please refer to the Heang Won Program. For non-residential training, work periods, periodic projects and special events are great opportunities to support the temple as well as use our Zen practice to do together action as a community. For volunteering at Musangsa, please visit Volunteer & Work

Based on the wisdom of the Patriarchs, Zen Master Seung Sahn has compiled a list of TEMPLE RULES that we follow as residents of Musangsa, and which serve as guidelines for our Sangha life.

The Temple Rules

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