Templestay at Musangsa

Templestay visits are scheduled at Musangsa throughout the year on scheduled weekends. The weekend program offers an experience of temple life and an introduction to Zen meditation. Program includes participation in the daily schedule of rituals and meditation with the international monks, nuns and practitioners at Musangsa. Templestay at Musangsa also provides the unique opportunity to experience being part of an international Zen community in the rich natural beauty of Gyeryong Mountain. All programs are conducted in English.

Templestay Information

2018 Summer Templestay Entry Dates:

June 9, 16, 23rd
July 7, 14th, 21st


Please, send us your application at least 3 days (Wednesday is the last day to apply) in advance.
Arrive to temple at 2.00 p.m. Come on time. Please, do not come earlier. If you arrive earlier, you will have to wait in the office for the templestay director and for other participants to come and there might be no one available to take care of you during that time.

Please also don’t be late. The orientation before entering the program starts at 14.00 strict.

Templestay fee for full time students – 30.000 Won.
Adults – 50.000 won

Things to bring

Summer working clothes (T-shirt, comfortable working pants, hat and sun screen)
Good walking shoes and water bottle if you intend to do some hiking
Personal towel and toiletries
Personal prescription medicines

We Will Provide

Bedding and blankets
Practicing clothes if you do not have your own

Things to remember while staying at a temple

As in many Korean temples, traditionally summer and winter in Musangsa is the time for the 3-month meditation retreat (kyol che). During this time, many temples are closed for visitors in order to avoid any disturbance for the kyolche participants. But we give you an opportunity to come to the temple and join the practice together with them.

This summer kyol che in Musangsa we have intensive working meditation practice. Sitting, bowing and chanting meditation takes place every morning and evening. Plus to this, people doing kyol che spend about 5 hours a day working. They keep strict silence from 18.30 pm till 6.30 am and are required to restrain from any unnecessary talk all throughout the day. They may be tired and become very sensitive, so people coming from the outside are encouraged to be very careful in order not to disturb their practice.

As Templestay guests will be allowed to join some of the kyolche activities during their stay together with regular participants, we ask all of them to keep in mind the following rules:
- Please, arrive punctually at 2pm, don’t come earlier or later. If you are going to be late, please, inform the temple office in advance. If you come earlier, you will have to wait until 2pm.
- If you have to leave earlier than 4pm on Sunday, please inform the Templestay Sunim during the orientation on your arrival day.
- Please, keep silence during meals together with kyol che participants.
- No strict silence during work period together with kyolche participants is required, but we do encourage you to restrain from any unnecessary talk.
- If you have any questions or need assistance during the activities held together with the kyol che participants, please find the responsible Sunim and ask quietly. Please, do not ask the kyol che participants or talk to them.
- During chanting in the Buddha hall, find the place assigned to you. If you don’t know where to sit, please wait for the responsible Sunim to show you. Always sit on the same place.
- Do not go to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Yosache building (the living quarters).
- Please be quiet while walking around the temple grounds. Don’t run or shout.
- Please wear the clothes provided by the temple at all times except for work period.
- Do not use any electronic devices while around kyol che participants.

We hope you’ll enjoy practicing with us!

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