Kyol Che

Kyol Che means 'Tight Dharma' and refers to the three months during the summer or winter when Zen monks traditionally spend their time on meditation retreat, concentrating on formal sitting practice for at least nine or ten hours a day in the Zen room. The retreat is held in silence and the intensive schedule allows one to completely devote oneself to formal practice.

Sitting meditation, chanting and bowing are the core of our formal practice during kyol che at Musangsa. Weekly Dharma talks and kong-an interviews are given to all retreat participants by the guiding teachers.

In traditional Korean Zen temples, monks, nuns and laypeople all sit retreat in different meditation rooms. At Musangsa, all four groups (monk, nuns, laymen and laywomen) do formal meditation practice together following the teaching of Zen Master Seung Sahn. If you are interested in participating in kyol che at Musangsa, please go to Kyol Che Information & Application below.

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